Scam Warning: Andrew J.K. Moroka Esq.

Beware of Nigerian 419 financial fraud attempts by an “Andrew J.K. Moroka Esq.” who claims to be an attorney and expert in corporate and legal claims with “Andrew & Associates”.

This scammer uses direct mail to target victims, telling them that a deceased person with the same last name deposited millions with a “financial institution” and that the victim can become the beneficiary.

The personally addressed scam letters are posted from South Africa but may also come from other places.

Scammer details:
Barrister Jonathan Andrew Kalyan Moroka Esq. aka J.A. Kalyan Moroka or Andrew J.K. Moroka

Tel. +27 73561 8630
Home fax: +27 80098 2236
Office Fax: +27 86514 0721


Report the scam attempt to your local police.

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  • Silver Coast  On October 26, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    I get loads of scams sent to me every week. Most of them trying to get me to send money for accommodation in my B&B, because they want to send 10 times the final total to cover other travel expenses, but the balance is sent to another account. Only the truly gullible will fall for it.

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