Stage Lighting Tips to Have the Best Event

Never underestimate the importance of great stage lighting for your event. My biggest piece of advice I can give you after being in the stage lighting business for over 20 years is that the level of attention to detail is the game changer between having a massively successful gig and average one. So let’s delve in deeper into what an amazing level of attention to detail with regards to lighting your stage actually means. But first, let’s just say that lighting is much more of an important factor in your overall gig enjoyment than if you were to simply stick a spotlight pointed right on your performer. You can and should work to create the best stage lighting ambience and to display amazing graphic content onto architectural objects and all your dynamic fixtures that aim to build that better visual experience for your guests that will have them coming a back to your next event.

In all honesty, there’s not much an excuse these days for a poorly lit stage experience. Never has it been easier to achieve great lighting. This is due to the massive technical advances in stage lighting technology that’s occurred since the first super-powered blue LED stage lights of the early 1990’s. So let’s cut open into a few helpful tips that will keep you shining.


LED is the future of stage lighting

Tip number 1 is to always use LED lights for events. This is because LED stage lights are in fact around ten times as efficient as the older tungsten ones. This means that it will use up ten times less power to achieve the same amount of brightness levels. Good eh? Fantastic we think. As well as this, they also last up to hundreds of hours more, while emitting a lot less heat so no chance or at least a very low chance of catching fire.


Use the full spectrum of light

The second tip is to use RGBW LED chips which consist of a combination of red, blue, green and even white light LEDS. Check out this site for awesome stage lighting tips on great church stage lighting.

This means that you can by means of electronically controlling the mix to achieve any color you so desire. Did you know that before this awesome chip technology, you would have had to put a special colored gel that would lie just in front of the incandescent, boiling hot fixture. How stage lighting has moved on is amazing.